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This phrase is supposed to reassure you that thirst won’t torture your body and mind.  But if you are looking for something else that has to do with refreshing your spirit and recharging your emotional batteries, then here is my time proven method.

Midnight conversations with my best friend keep me going at all times. Even when I cannot reach her, just a thought about her enwraps me in a warm atmosphere of genuine interest and encouragement to pursue whatever I am interested in at the time. No questions asked.  I learned from her (apart from other things) that questions could be perceived as intrusion, especially at challenging time.  The only appropriate thing to do is to listen and figure out how to help.

Refreshments come in different forms. Providing them right on time, when cloudy mind creates confusion that could be mistaken for food craving, is crucial.  This way we will escape a trap set up by a bad habit of seeking comfort in a wrong place.  What’s the right place then?  In my book you can find some suggestions that will point you in the right direction.

Refreshments Provided