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It’s very bold, reckless, sneaky and cunning in its ways.  It’s invisible and at the same time very real.  Its destructive nature aimed at the present, robbing us of any joy of living at the moment by creating mental pictures of the catastrophic events.  It renders us weak, hopeless and emotionally drained. It robs us of self-confidence and self-esteem day by day.  Its name is anxiety.

The ThiefFear holds a victim very firmly while anxiety commits its crime, as long as one allows this thief to get away with it. Anxiety exists in different forms and it took some time to find my ways to deal with it.  Love to my dear ones instead of being source of my endurance and an inspiration as it always was, turned into a persistent worry regarding their safety and general well-being.  Scenes of catastrophes tortured my mind, making my heart race and palms sweat.

My self-discipline became my strong ally in this battle against anxiety.  As it turned out, it wasn’t enough though. Experience in creating supporting my goal lifestyle taught me that only a well-designed system could help me to counteract ongoing drama that played its own scripts in my mind.  My system was built step by step and all the time checked against suitability for my personality.  By this I mean constant checking one by one known to me methods for getting on the top of this condition.  Meditation in its original form doesn’t suit me.  I was happy to learn that walking also can be viewed as meditation.  Strenuous exercising and walking on every occasion helped me to ease the grip of fear.

Positive affirmations that have been said with all the resolution and conviction also have played a big role in quieting my mind.  But not before I recognized the tendency to control the lives of my dear ones and only after the new attitude gradually sank in, light at the end of the tunnel became visible.  I decided to hand over of ‘what might happen’ to the high Entity and only pray for the safety and well-being of my family.  It was difficult to get used to a new way of thinking and relating to life but with the time and constant practicing it eventually became easier.  Eventually, years of daily work on my body, mind and spirit led me to appreciation of life and helped me to go from strength to strength.