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To me, we are all at the receiving end. We receive our parents and through them the whole family and a country to live. We receive parent’s values, their worldview and treatment.

For years, we are only at the receiving end, unable to change anything even if we are willing to do so.  We are at the mercy of fate whether it’s good or ill.  As adults, we posses power to change what we are not willing to accept, but not always.  We cannot change colour of the eyes or genetic imprint, but we can change our attitude towards everything unwanted that makes us feel miserable.  It is a big challenge: much easier to blame, even rightly so, people and/or circumstances.  That is the way to nowhere – dead end.

For those who constantly question their ability to rebel against a self-defeating way of life, it means to be a pawn in the game of luck with no control.  I have seen people growing bitter with each loss.  They hope to go through life somehow, hiding from the reality and ignoring the responsibility for the direction of their own life.

Yes, blows of fate sometimes are harsh and can knock us down.  Bleeding, we get up on our feet and throw back proposed defeat, refusing to be at the receiving end.  We have to accept that whatever the others receive by just good fortune, for us can be available only through hard work and tough attitude towards ourselves.  For some reason, we have been chosen to rise to the challenge of changing of what has been given to us.


I believe that if we manage well, we will be granted the gift of appreciation of life and everything that comes with it.