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I never could imagine that a favorite fairytale from my childhood would become the story of my life in which crashed dreams, years of struggle to keep my head above water and search for a place in another part of the world led to an absolutely unexpected outcome.

Living for a big part of my life in a Communist oppression country, I saw my aspirations ruined by policies and considerations that now don’t make any sense. I was rendered physically sick from chemical poison and heartbroken from an unfulfilled life. At that time it appeared as if I failed in almost everything…

Fairy Tales

But then the Communist regime collapsed and the option to explore life far away from the doom and gloom of my existence appeared as a messenger of hope to turn the tables in a lieu of a significant change.  In order to restore my health I had to abandon my conventional lifestyle and become a vegetarian. I embraced wholeheartedly my new way of living and it became the first step on a road of self-discovery, love, fitness and spirituality.

My life journey brought me to the Middle East and eventually to Australia.  The ‘learn and adapt’ approach of the immigrant has been applied to the discovery of a lifestyle, promoting health, self-respect and high self-esteem.  It became my first venue of much needed success.  My personal growth led me to the college.  Brief encounter with a man developed into a serious, committed and mutually respected relationship in which my ambition to find my own place in a new life got fulfilled. I’ve written and published my book Letters to my Girlfriend About Love, Weight and Peaceful Revolution that is an intimate account of a personal journey to the Cinderella ball.